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Keith L. Graves, Principal

Keith L. Graves is an award winning leader and producer in Financial Services.  He has coached and developed teams of investment professionals to become successful in the field of financial services and beyond for more than two decades. Keith has been recognized for helping his clients overcome barriers to financial success. Prior to joining the financial services industry, Keith served our country as a member of the US Army Reserves. It was this experience and his love for the United States of America that inspired him to later create USA First Financial, a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm dedicated to helping American Investors create and manage wealth. Keith is a graduate of Indiana University.

Keith lives by this Maya Angelou quote which states

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

He shows his philanthropy by his involvement in several charities. Keith dedicates his time, talent and resources to Be More Positive, Socks4Souls and Water for Empowerment among other organizations and causes. As founder of,  Keith leverages his expertise in personal finance and investing as he develops financial literacy programs that aim to help solve the lack of financial knowledge in underrepresented communities across the country. 


Keith is an elected city leader in Indianapolis, Indiana and has several hobbies but he can always be found helping his fellow Americans in some way. 

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Our mission is to be your long term partner as we build financial peace of mind through tailored, goal centered planning and investment management.

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